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A private Cincinnati adoption agency.


As a private nonprofit Ohio Adoption Agency in Cincinnati, you can feel secure with Adoption Connection.  After all, we are local adoption experts who have been bringing hearts together to build families since 1943.


Adoption is the ultimate expression of love. It is the bringing together of adoptive parents (men and women who want to adopt a baby) and birth parents (pregnant women and their partners who want to place their baby in adoption) who share a common goal - that their baby will be raised in a loving and secure environment.


So whether you are working to adopt, or are hoping to place your infant into a loving home, we are very excited you have decided to explore the possibility of adoption with Adoption Connection!

Bringing hearts together to build families through adoption

I am pregnant

pregnant woman

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Often we hear birth parents say " I want to give my baby up for adoption." But you are not giving up, you are making a courageous and loving choice for you and your baby. Adoption Connection has a list of loving families waiting to adopt. To see a list of our families click here.

I want to adopt a baby

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Are you hoping to build your family through adoption? Our knowledgeable team of adoption social workers are here to give you the support and education you need at every stage...from orientation to homestudies to finalization to post-adoptive services. To learn more click here.  

"What led us to Adoption Connection was the support they offered"

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Our services include:

  • Free pregnancy counseling and referral services for birth parents
  • Adoption Assessor services and post placement counseling for birth parents
  • Domestic, international, step-parent and relative home studies
  • Infant placements
  • Adoption educational training
  • Post-placement services for Domestic and International adoptions
  • Post-finalization services as needed for all members of the adoptive triad
  • Consultation regarding adoption issues for children of all ages and developmental stages
  • Facilitation and support of open adoptions between birth and adoptive families.
  • Mediation services provided as necessary throughout the adoptive child’s developmental stages