The Adoption Process for Birthparents

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Unplanned pregnancy? Call Adoption Connection in Cincinnati, Ohio any hour, any day at (513) 236-1440.

What is the adoption process?

This video shows the steps to adoption for birth parents

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The adoption process begins by sitting down together to design an adoption plan. Even after the adoption is complete, you have our ongoing support and counseling as needed for the lifetime of the adoption. 


Trust our team of adoption social workers to answer all of your questions openly and honestly as we gently guide you through the adoption process. But most of all we recognize that this is your plan and you are in control.

  1. Contact Adoption Connection at our 24/7 birth parent phone number (513) 236-1440 24/7 and schedule a meeting with an experienced social worker who will support you and provide counseling for you throughout the adoption process.
  2.  Discuss your options and the adoption process with your social worker. We are here to offer support and non-judgmental counseling.
  3.  Our experienced adoption social workers closely work with you to explore the kind of adoptive home you are seeking. We will then show you prospective adoptive parent profiles so you can select a family.
  4. Meet the family, only if you choose. It is your choice if you want a closed/confidential adoption plan or an open adoption; and you may choose the level of openness that feels right for you.
  5.  At least 72 hours after the birth of your child the permanent surrender is signed and the infant is discharged from the hospital with the adoptive family.
  6. Our support does not end. Adoption Connection social workers are available to give you ongoing support and counseling as needed for the lifetime of the adoption. If you chose to make an open adoption plan, we will continue to be available to facilitate the openness plan.

Unplanned pregnancy? Call Adoption Connection any hour, any day at (513) 236-1440.