Amanda and Jonathan

Dear birth parents,


There are no words we can write to you to make this process any easier for you. We cannot fully understand the heartache, fear and uncertainty this decision brings you. We can, however, attempt to express our sincere gratitude for your choice to provide a different life for this child. The amount of strength you have to pursue an adoption plan is beyond our capacity to understand. We hope, by reading our story, you might catch a glimpse of our desire to become parents. Through our words and our photos, we hope to invite you into our life to see how incredibly loved and cared for this child will be.


Please know, we’ve been constantly praying for you and we can’t wait to meet you! We look forward to telling our child about their adoption story, which means sharing how caring and brave you are. As you read through our story, we hope to bring you a sense of comfort, confidence and peace.





Jonathan and Amanda


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