Amy and Tim

Dear birth parent(s),


We are Tim, Amy and Olivia. We cannot imagine how much thought and prayer was put into your decision to place your child for adoption. Your decision allows couples such as ours the opportunity to have a family. We have spent years working with doctors and medical specialists along with numerous procedures to conceive without any outcome. Our disappointment in not being able to have children was devastating. After finding out that news, we knew the option for us was adoption. We are so blessed to have adopted Olivia in August of 2015. She is a smart, loving and happy child. We cannot imagine our lives without her now. She fits perfectly into our family. We have hopes and dreams of having a healthy and vibrant family. Your decision has given us hope that we may continue to grow our family by providing a loving and supportive environment. The excitement we are experiencing is overwhelming!


We met in high school and in a sense we have grown up together. We have seen a lot and traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic . Where one may be lacking, the other one picks up the slack. We have different talents. I am now a stay at home mom. But before having Olivia I was an artist and graphic designer. Tim is a scientist and businessman. Even though we have different talents, we look at it as a way

to share different views and expand our thinking. Tim is smart, outgoing, loving, talented and generous. I am loving, reliable, compassionate and nurturing. We both like to live healthy lives while giving back to the community and are involved with St. Vincent de Paul Society. Faith is the center of our lives..


Our extended families are loving and supportive. In addition to Tim and his sister, Tim’s parents are foster parents and have been so for decades. I am the daughter of a mother who has dedicated her life to teaching and a father who was an engineer. I have two sisters and we are each a year apart. My family lives in Cincinnati and we are very close. Tim’s family lives in Northeast Ohio and Tim talks to them a couple of times a week and we see them on holidays and special occasions.


We would be honored to be parents to other children. This year we celebrate 23 years of marriage. What better gift than to expand our family? We are excited for this new chapter in our lives!


With love,

Tim, Amy and Olivia


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