Angie and Sonu

Hello and thank you for reading this. We are Sonu and Angie. First, we want to thank you for

considering adoption and also for considering us. We admire and respect your courage as you consider what is best for your baby. We have never been in your shoes and cannot imagine how you are feeling now, but please know that this letter is written with heartfelt emotion from us to you. We hope that looking at our letter and photos will give you a glimpse into what life would be like as a part of our family. Our wish for you is that if you decide upon adoption, you will find a family that feels both comfortable and compatible for you and

your baby. Please know that if you choose us, we promise to help your child understand where they come from and how much you love them. We will read books with them about adoption and help them to understand what a loving choice adoption is. Most of all, we want you to know that with us, your child would be surrounded by large doses of love, snuggles, hugs, and kisses.


We are a pet loving family of two humans, one kitty, and one dog. It is fair to say that with us your child would learn a lot about animals. Angie works from home as an online biology teacher, but her dream job is to be a stay at home mom. Because of this, a child in our family will be at home rather than in day care. Sonu is a network administrator who grew up loving computers, so naturally he loves his job. This provides our family with financial stability and the ability to care and provide for a child. We have a stable, loving marriage of nine years during which we have longed to expand our family. We are feeling good about putting the struggle of fertility treatments behind us and look forward with hope to adoption. Our extended family and friends are also excited for us to become parents.


As a multicultural family we feel that having exposure and acceptance of diverse cultures and people would be an

important part of raising a child. One of our yearly traditions is to attend a multicultural festival that celebrates the traditions and food of many cultures around the world. The festival has a passport program for children in which they can obtain a stamp from the various countries that they learn about. We also highly value education. In preparing our nursery, we have chosen a woodland animals theme and plan to cover an entire wall with books next to a fox picture that says, "Stay clever little fox". We cannot wait to provide a child with experiences that spark their curiosity and encourage them

to learn and discover their passions. Angie can't wait to have a partner to add the sprinkles to her Christmas cookies that she loves to bake. Sonu is excited to share his passions of Star Wars, superheroes, video games, and his mastery of winning stuffed animals in the claw machine! Our ultimate goal in raising a child, however, would be that they grow up to be kind and happy.


Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as potential adoptive parents. Please know that if you choose us, we will be committed to working together with you to make an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with.



Angie and Sonu


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