Brandy and Jessica

Dear Expectant Parents,


We are Brandy, Jessica and Sage and we’d like to thank you for having the courage and love to consider an adoption plan for your child. We’d like to start by telling you about ourselves and our commitment to raising children in our loving family.


We met in 2010 and soon our friendship turned into a relationship, one we both knew was love at first sight! We came from similar backgrounds with similar ideas about family, values, and what we wanted our lives to be like. In 2013 we were blessed to be married in front of family and friends in a beautiful outdoor ceremony and filled with everything from good music and great BBQ to fun coloring on the paper tablecloths and s’mores over a huge bonfire.


In 2016 we were fortunate to meet a family who was making an adoption plan for their son. We began meeting with the birth family and getting to know their story as well as sharing ours. After several months of meetings and attending doctor’s appointments we were headed to the hospital to meet our son. We were blessed with an amazing and

healthy baby boy, who we named Sage.


We spend most of our time together, often with our family, friends, or neighbors. They are all very supportive of our lifestyle and decision to adopt and raise children. We also have 2 dogs that love adventure as much as we do. We love to do things outside, such as bike, hike, camp, play in the snow, or play in the creek. Our dogs have adjusted well to having a baby and they can’t wait to until they can romp through the creek or snow with two of them! We often explore what our city has to offer with Sage and friends and family in tow. It is our wish to instill a sense of appreciation and active enjoyment of nature and the great outdoors.


As our friends will tell you we are drawn to a little competition and like to be engaged in some type of game whether it is sports or anything else. We prefer spur-of-the-moment fun such as a game of baseball in our cul-du-sac, water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids or the card/board games that inevitably break out at family functions. Sage is already taking part in these impromtu games and can’t wait for his sibling to join in too!


Staying active is important to us and crossfit is the way we do this. The people in our crossfit community have become an important source of strength to us, both with our fitness goals and our life goals. They are very supportive of kids and love stealing a cuddle with a baby at the gym. Our little crossfit community not only works out together but we support each other in so many other ways. At the gym our children will see many role models who can instill in them what it means to live a strong and healthy life.


Brandy dabbles in the art of cooking, gaining much inspiration from the TV chefs. She can put together a delicious meal without needing a recipe and loves having a mini chef in the kitchen with her. She is excited to add more chefs in the house

and hopefully a coffee drinker too. We hope to instill a sense of accomplishment in our children by encouraging them to help with parts of the meal preparation even from a young age. Brandy also enjoys all things fitness related. This has led her to be a coach for crossfit both for the adults and specializing in Kids Crossfit. Sage already enjoys practicing his latest

motor skill at the gym while Brandy is teaching. Brandy also has a passion for helping kids who have special needs and works in a preschool with kids who have autism.


Jessica is creative and loves to do crafts, sew, or scrapbook. She also has a love for puzzles and brainteasers which was nurtured by her mother throughout her childhood. Her mom always had crafts and other puzzle activities available. Jessica is fostering this love in Sage and can’t wait to teach our second child. This also helps in her job as an occupational

therapist. She puts her skills to work helping kids who cannot speak or move their body to use a computer to talk or move around with a wheelchair. It gives Jessica great joy to help a child who cannot talk be able to tell their mom “I love you” for the first time or a child who cannot walk be able to move across the room independently to give their parent a hug.


Through our jobs we see that all children are unique and we want to instill the belief in our children that all people are special and deserve someone who loves and respects them.


Sage is a happy boy who loves to giggle and smile with his mommies. When his mommies sing or read to him, he lights up and tries to join in. He loves to play with his blocks, balls, cars, and books, and he cannot wait to have a playmate. Sage may not know it yet, but he is looking for a sibling who can share in his adventures and be his lifelong friend.


Jessica works full time and Brandy works part time during the week. Sage spends his time during the workday with his grandma (Jessica’s mom) and his cousin who is one year older than him. Sage loves being with his grandma and cousin during the day and they are becoming very close. They love to go to story time, play with their play kitchen, build with blocks, and wrestle together. We are happy to be able to give Sage quality time with his grandma and cousin every week, and we are excited that our next child will have the same opportunity. During the times that Brandy is home, she and Sage spend quality time together hiking, swinging, and playing with our dogs and neighbor kids.


As you can see family is important to us. Almost all of Jessica’s 20 aunts and uncles and 20 plus cousins live in the area. Holidays often include extended family beyond this. Needless to say holidays are usually crowded, loud, and full of joyous fun! We often hang out with Jessica’s extended family much more often than just holidays. Brandy’s family lives a few

hours away but we keep in touch and see them during the holidays and breaks. Our families are very supportive. They love Sage to the moon and cannot wait to add another child to our family.


When searching for a house and a place to live we looked hard at what the neighborhood had to offer not only for us but also for our future family. We found a great area within walking distance of schools, playgrounds, a pool, restaurants, and quaint little shops. Our neighborhood is proud of its diversity and strives to embrace many cultures and ethnicities. We are lucky to live in an area where our children will have others who look like them in the community and at school. Our tree-lined street tucked away in a cul-de-sac loop is a great place to raise our children. Kids from the neighborhood often come to play in our large cul-du-sac and to see how Sage is doing. While he isn’t able to join in the fun yet, we can’t wait for him and his sibling to be running around the yards. We already have a swing set that Sage loves to use. 


As a lesbian couple we are aware that you may have questions and concerns about different aspects of our lives such as having male role models and possible discrimination. We want you to know that we have a diverse group of male friends who are part of our children’s lives. Jessica’s father is very active in our lives and hangs out with Sage often. We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood that is both culturally and ethnically diverse and supportive of our relationship. We are extremely close with our next-door neighbor, a biracial family, and other neighbors who have adopted transracially and transculturally. As our neighbor boy put it, “Sage is very lucky to have three moms who love him!”


The only way we were able to start our family was through adoption, and we are forever grateful that we made that decision. We have a wonderful little boy and were blessed to start a relationship with his birth family. Sage is already learning about his birth family (even if he is too young to understand at this time) and the love behind their decision. His

birth family will forever be a part of our family. We want to expand our family to give Sage a sibling, and we are excited to add more people to our family. There can never be too many people who love our children, and we continue to welcome openness with our second child’s birth family. Please know that your child will be in a loving and supportive home with the knowledge of how they were brought into our family and given opportunities to ask questions about their adoption plan. We want our child to always know where they came from and the love and consideration that you put into your adoption plan.


If you have any more questions or would like to meet in person we are willing to meet with you.


With respect and affection,

Brandy and Jessica


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