Casey and Darren

 “That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.”  The lyrics to this popular Rascal Flatts song speak to our journey to this point.  We really have no idea of what brought you here, nor can we claim to understand what you have been through.  But we imagine this has been a tough journey and we can tell you how grateful we are for you.  We look forward to an open relationship with you and we would like to begin by sharing who we are and how important family is to us.


How We Met:

We first met in college and during those early years of our relationship we grew up together.  We spent a great amount of time just getting to know one another.  We would hang out with friends, study together and go out on dates.  Shortly after graduating we got engaged on Christmas Eve and spent the evening celebrating with Darren’s family.  With 15 years of marriage, our relationship is strong.  We have a mutual respect, fondness and love for one another. 


About Darren (as written by Casey):

What attracted me to Darren the first time I ever saw him was his smile.  I wanted to meet him and asked a friend to introduce us.  As I got to know him better, I discovered that he was very close with his family; he was a dedicated friend and he was focused on furthering his education.  What I also liked was how he encouraged me to try new things, whether it was new foods or new activities such as skiing or travelling to new places.  That encouragement has continued throughout our marriage and is still present today, 20 years after we met.  We still like to explore new places, new foods and new things.  He has continued to encourage me whether it is to further my education, pursue a new job or try something I’ve never done before.


Darren is a hard worker.  He is well liked and respected by his coworkers, however our family comes first.  He is very dedicated to whatever he puts his mind to.  He is caring and loving with our son, Jackson, always telling him how much he loves him and how proud he is of him.  Darren likes to be involved in Jackson's activities, helping out at soccer practice, tossing the ball in the yard, attending field trips or being the "secret reader" in Jackson's class. 


Darren graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  He has worked in Cincinnati at the same financial institution since graduating from college.  He currently works in Information Technology. 


Darren is an all-around respected and dedicated man, husband and father.


About Casey (as written by Darren):

Casey is fun, loving, intelligent, strong, down to earth, and passionate.  Now rewind to my freshman year in college.  I was introduced to Casey at a party by a mutual friend.  After having talked with Casey for a majority of the night I knew that what I had stumbled on was something special.  In fact, I remember going our separate ways that evening and thinking to myself that Casey was “the one”.  In that small amount of time I came to learn a lot about Casey.  She was beautiful, very smart, enjoyed sports, and for lack of better words…”had it figured out”.


During our time in college I learned that Casey is motivated and passionate.  She took on a leadership role for a school organization that was focused on enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer.  Working hard and learning is what Casey does best.


Casey is most passionate about education.  She was the first and only of her siblings to have graduated from college.  After college, Casey was accepted into a prestigious internship program that enabled her to become a Registered Dietitian.  Having the drive to learn more and to further pursue her interest in education she went back to school where she received her Master’s degree in education.  Casey has worked Part time for the last 8 years, giving her the best of both worlds—having a career and spending lots of quality time with our son. 


Family and friends are very important to Casey.  We regularly visit relatives for family functions such as birthdays and holidays.  Being a very likeable person, Casey has lifelong friendships.  She enjoys getting friends together for scrap booking or dinner.  She also enjoys traveling to visit friends that have moved out of the area. 


Casey is a very loving mother who is interested in Jackson’s growth while ensuring that he enjoys just being a kid.  She enjoys quality time with Jackson, just snuggling on the couch.  She also loves taking him to the zoo; the museum and letting him explore nature.  


Our Story:

We always knew we wanted children and we spent the first several years of our marriage building a strong foundation.  After about 5 years we decided to have a child.  We were unable to conceive on our own and later pursued fertility treatments.  Several months and several treatments later, we were blessed with our son, Jackson.  We were overjoyed with getting pregnant and having a child.  However, we always wanted more children.


Adoption has been something that has weighed on our minds over the years.  We have held strong that God had a plan for us and we tried to be patient as to what that plan was.  Casey would often say, “I don’t know what the plan is, but I know there is one.”  It became apparent that we were being shown adoption in many aspects of our life, whether it was through family, friends, coworkers or seeing a sign on a building.  We are very excited to pursue adoption and we feel that this is what we are being shown to do.


About Jackson:

Jackson is a very thoughtful, strong-willed and intelligent 8 year old boy.  Jackson makes friends easily and loves being around other kids, whether it’s friends from school, teammates or cousins.  He started asking for a brother or sister around 4 years old and has often said he doesn’t like being an “only child.” He is so excited for a sibling and to teach his new baby brother or sister all he has learned.


Jackson loves to play soccer and baseball and also loves music.  He has learned to play piano and Ukulele.  Jackson also enjoys being a Cub Scout where he gets to wear a uniform, learn about community, and participates in a number of outdoor activities.


Our Home:

We live in a welcoming neighborhood in a suburb of Cincinnati.  We have many close friends in the neighborhood and enjoy taking walks, riding bikes or hanging out at the community pool in the summer.  Our home is on a ½ acre lot with a wooded back yard.  Because of our love for the outdoors, we love sitting on the deck and watching the birds and deer come through the woods.  The inside of our home is comfortable and homey and we will love to welcome the new baby to its own room.  


Us as parents:

We were very fortunate to have our baby boy, Jackson.  The experience of being a parent is something that we don’t take for granted.  We cherish every moment knowing how quickly our children will grow. 


Reflecting back to our experiences and love for education, Jackson has been encouraged to learn since he was born.  We read to him every night and plan on continuing this tradition with our next child.  We recognize the importance of having different opportunities.  If our children have an interest in a particular activity, we want to do the best we can to enable them to participate.  Being involved with our children is something we enjoy and find gratifying.  Through our experiences with coaching and volunteering, we’ve been rewarded with this time we get to spend with one another. 


We love to see Jackson enjoy his childhood and to grow through his many experiences.  Most of all we are our son’s biggest fan and are extremely proud.  We are looking forward to the future as parents of a new baby and being able to continue to grow as a family.  We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we are excited for what the future will bring.    


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