Debbie and Ed

Dear Birth Parent/Parents,


We want to express our gratitude that you are choosing life for your child. Your decision to consider making an adoption plan demonstrates tremendous courage and strength. We can’t begin to imagine your journey as you seek to discern what will be best for your child. We are praying that God will provide comfort, insight and wisdom as you make difficult decisions regarding the life of your precious child.


We would be honored if you would consider giving us an opportunity to parent your child. To help you in this decision,

let us share a few basics about ourselves.


About Us


We met in 2008 via E-harmony and were married a year later. Starting a family of our own was something we both desired. However, we discovered that it would be impossible for us to have our own biological children. After much prayer and input from family and friends, we decided to build our family through adoption.


We felt so grateful that God answered our prayers two years ago when we were selected by a birth mom to be the adoptive parents of her baby girl. This enabled us to adopt our daughter, Hannah. For several months, we have been praying again about growing our family through a second adoption and believe that the time is right for us to move forward with this desire now that Hannah is two.


We value integrity, loyalty, honesty, good communication and family time together. We enjoy being involved in our Christian church, where we both volunteer in various capacities and lead a weekly adult small group Bible Study. Our church has a very active children’s ministry, through which Hannah is making lots of friends and learning about God. Our Christian faith is very important to us and our desire for Hannah is to educate her about what it means to truly follow Christ so she can make an informed decision one day as to whether or not she will choose to follow Christ as her lord and Savior.


We are an adventurous and active family. We all love being outdoors, which is reflected in many of our free-time activities such as going to the park, going on bike rides, picnics, hiking, canoeing, etc. But, we also enjoy having family nights at home where we can play with Hannah, read books, play games, watch videos, and just be together. We like getting together with friends to eat, play games or go to festivals. During cold-weather months, we sometimes go to museums or to the mall just to walk around. As Hannah gets older, I am sure we will also have fun times of playing in the snow.


We look forward to vacations every year and have been to places like Estes Park, CO, Branson, MO, Orlando, FL, and Puerto Rico. Sometimes we invite family or friends to join us. During our vacations, we enjoy all kinds of adventures like going to zoos, amusement parks, hiking, biking, visiting museums and doing other sight-seeing.


Meet Ed (by Debbie)


Ed is a responsible, adventurous, and spirited person who is driven by his values of faith, integrity, and accomplishment, which makes him a loyal, courageous, and dependable person. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make people



Ed is a former active duty Marine which has given him a toughness to handle the stresses that life can bring. Yet, he also has a soft side that really cares about people. I have seen that soft side in the way he loves and cares for me and Hannah.


He is an excellent, hands-on daddy. He does not shy away from helping take care of her including changing diapers, feeding her dinner, putting her to bed and caring for her sometimes when I am away. I love watching him interact with Hannah. She truly loves her daddy and gets so excited when he comes home from work and spends time playing with her. They like to read books, play with her toys and play hide-and-seek. He is the kind of guy who I believe looks forward to the day when he and Hannah will go on daddy-daughter dates and teach her what it really means for a man to love her.


Ed grew up in Chicago with his mom and younger brother. His mom passed away before we were married, so I never met her. His brother lives in Oregon, so we do not see him often. We occasionally visit his step-dad, who is married to a wonderful woman, they live in Alabama.


Ed’s excellent people skills serve him well in his full-time job in the Human Resources Department at a non-profit Christian ministry where he enjoys helping people process what God may be calling them to do with their gifts and talents. A favorite hobby of Ed’s is exercising - cycling, running, and weight training to stay in shape. In addition Ed likes to: socialize, learn about historical events, drive anywhere, any distance), and eat pizza and ice cream.


Meet Debbie (by Ed)


Debbie is an amazing wife and mother. She loves Jesus, loves people, loves life and enjoys being spontaneous, which, at times can be challenging for a detail person like me. Yet, I enjoy that quality in her because we have had some fun adventures when Debbie said; “Hey would you like to…”, and off we went at a moment's notice.


Debbie loves to serve others and meet their needs in difficult times. She is great at doing multiple things at once, and doing them all well. This is a great asset when it comes to being a mom. She is a great cook, who makes the best cheesecake (among other foods)! Debbie is always willing to learn new things, or new ways to do something. She is committed to learning things that will make her a better person.


Hannah loves spending time with mommy. Because of her love for children, Debbie is a fantastic mom. Her compassionate and resourceful personality makes her a good comforter who takes care of all of Hannah’s needs and watches for teachable moments. She has been singing to Hannah since she was born. It has been fun to see Hannah recently starting to sing along with her. Debbie takes seriously her responsibility to invest the next 18 years to teach Hannah what she will need to know to be independent and responsible when she leaves our nest.


Debbie grew up in Oklahoma with her parents, one older sister and two younger brothers. Her parents celebrated 51 years of marriage last year. She graduated from college with a B.S. in Exercise Science. A year after graduation she became employed in full-time Christian ministry, which she has continued to do with the same organization her entire career. Her current role within the ministry enables her to work part-time mostly from home so that she can be a stay-at-home mom.


As Debbie has served the Lord in this work she has been all over the world and has experienced some amazing things. Debbie also enjoys; sports (playing and watching), exercising - cycling, running, swimming (Hannah loves going swimming with mommy), going out for Mexican food, cooking, eating cheesecake, reading, gardening, and volunteering in the children’s ministry at church.


About Hannah


Hannah was born one week after the birth family asked us to be their daughter's adoptive parents. They invited us to come to the hospital when she was born and to visit with them and Hannah while she was there. We brought her home from the hospital when she was two days old.


Hannah is now two and is full of energy. She keeps us on our toes. She loves exploring her world and is learning new things every day. We love seeing her learn. She loves being outdoors to go for walks, play at the park, going on bike rides in the bike trailer and just having fun in the back yard. She also loves books. We spend a lot of time reading to her. She will make an excellent big sister.


We have a positive open relationship with her birth family and feel that it is important for her to know her biological family. We send them photos periodically and get together for a meal a few times each year. We love Hannah the same as if she was our own flesh and blood; there is absolutely no difference to us.


Closing Remarks


We imagine that you can see that our faith in God through Jesus Christ is an important part of our lives. While we desire to raise our children in a home where they will learn to follow God and seek Him in the choices they make, we will love and support our children throughout their life no matter what life path they choose. We will work to provide a loving and nurturing environment where our children will be able to fully explore and develop the gifts and talents God has given them so they can be all that they have been created to be, not what we want them to be. We will teach our children how much their biological family loves them because you chose life for them and made an adoption plan to give them what you believed would be the best possible opportunity for them to succeed in life.


Our prayer for you is that God will guide you in the decisions you are making regarding your child’s future. We are willing to discuss the degree of openness that you desire. We would love to meet you and will answer any questions you may have for us. May the Lord bless you and keep you!


With Love,

Ed, Debbie & Hannah







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