Debbie and Jeff

Hi there!


We are Debbie and Jeff, and we are really glad you have taken a moment to get to know a little about us. We want our family to grow with a new “someone special”. This part of our journey has brought us to you. Your decision to choose an adoption plan is a courageous one that we feel comes from love. We wish you comfort and peace in this part of your journey.


We have known each other since the sixth grade, which means it has practically been our whole lives! We met in church and even went to school together through high school; however we never dated until we were both out of college. Our families often say “what took you so long?” We guess they seemed to know that we were meant for each other before we did. We dated for almost two years before Jeff proposed by putting a ring in a box of Cracker Jacks. Always be sure to check the prize! As we look back on this now, it seems as though we were just married, even though it has been a grand adventure of a decade.


Our parents have been so supportive with our decision to adopt that they are excited for another child to call them grandma and grandpa. They have been a great influence by showing us what makes families work. Family is what makes us who we are; by living and celebrating with each other and by being there for each other, no matter what the circumstance.


Jeff has one younger brother who is married and they have a girl. She was adopted from China and from the first moment we saw her there was love in our hearts. She enjoys being fashionable and loves to dazzle us with the occasional fashion show. She is a wonderful example of how adoption is already at work in our family. We enjoy spending time with Jeff’s family playing bowling on the Wii, drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk, and going on trips together. Now and then the girls get together for nail painting or cooking, while the men attempt to remember 20 years worth of old stories and jokes, the heirlooms of our family.


Debbie is the second oldest of three children with two brothers. Both brothers have families with very energetic and active boys. The family cheers them on in soccer games, school plays, and concerts. We also enjoy playing board games, putt putt golf, birthday parties, and Sunday dinners with our extended family. Outings are always fun whether it’s going to the world’s largest garage sale, boat shows, and picnics. The list goes on, because there is always something to do together. We are thrilled to share family times like these as well as new adventures with our child.


We live in a ranch style home in a community nestled between farm country and towns. This will allow our child to have fun opportunities of a rural life such as going on their first hay ride, rides on Jeff’s tractor, and a trip out to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. We will also offer our child some of the conveniences of suburban life of trips to the library and movies. Our home has three bedrooms which includes a bedroom for our child to call their own equipped with stuffed animals, books, and a nice place to play. Our yard is filled with flower beds, berries, and some veggies. Many family times are shared in the kitchen. Debbie enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. Her stuffed pepper soup is delicious; however the Chicken Magnifico was not so magnifico! Jeff is such a trooper when it comes to trying new dishes. No matter if it is good or not so good, no one ever leaves hungry. Debbie and her mom have a tradition of “cookie day” where they make Christmas cookies for gifts as well as for our own pleasure. Chocolate chip is always a hit!


Music is a unique and rewarding aspect of our lives that we would also want to share with our new family member. Debbie plays clarinet and performs in a community band as well as teaching music. Jeff enjoys time with his Dad as they play their guitars together. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment and sometimes not many quiet ones either. We are excited about the opportunity to share our music with a child by teaching music, playing music, or even just listening together.


We are Christian, and we strongly believe in the hope and strength of faith. Through our Church family we have lived in a community of love and support that has become an even larger extended family for us. This is something that is important enough to us that we want to continue to build on this with our child. Yes, there is even a church family that waits for a baby.


Part of what has made our relationship strong and exciting, is that we have each enjoyed exploring and learning. Debbie attended college in Indiana and has been the Director of Therapeutic Activities at a retirement community for the last 17 years. Jeff attended college in Kentucky and has worked for a Farm and Garden Center for 24 years. We have even continued to enjoy these adventures together in our yearly vacations. We have been to Michigan, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia, just to name a few. We have had travels to the Wilds Zoo, museums, nature walks, theatres, concerts, Amish Country and of course shopping. These have been times to see new things and to learn from the journey “out there” and back. In all these ways we want to continue to learn and grow as a family, together, and bringing a little one into this would bring great joy to us.


We have so much to offer a child, but most of all a tremendous amount of love. We are searching for someone to complete our family that has tiny hands and new eyes. This search has brought us to you. We look forward to meeting you. This must be scary for you; we know it has been for us. There are so many things to consider which makes it a tremendous challenge. We believe there is a new beginning that will bring hope and happiness and opportunity for a child whose journey has just begun.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.


Debbie and Jeff


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