Denise and Randy

Dear Birthparent(s),


You are making a tremendously important decision and we commend you for your strength, bravery, and selflessness. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn a little more about us, and we hope to learn more about you in the future. Given the opportunity, we will make sure that our child grows up in a loving home, with lots of structure and support, but also with a lot of fun, hugs & kisses!


Our family:

Both of our immediate families live in the greater Cincinnati area, with some extended family members out of state. We were raised in non-denominational Christian homes, and continue to hold those beliefs today. Our child would grow up with close relationships to two aunts, four cousins (ages 13, 8, 4, and 1), five grandparents, and many other second cousins, great aunts, etc. There will never be a shortage of people to love this little one, and spoil them!


How we met:

We were both hired into the same company within months of each other in 2006. We realized very quickly that we made a great team and had such a strong friendship. That friendship grew into a romantic partnership over time, and on 10/10/10 we got married! We both still work at that same company: Denise works in the transportation department, and Randy plans production schedules. We both are enjoying our careers and have great opportunities for the future.



  • Travel! We love places with a lot of history for us to explore. We recently went to Europe and had an amazing time, but learn just as much on an unscripted adventure to Indianapolis. Endless adventures!

  • Video games! Racing, role playing, puzzle, so many different choices. We enjoy the games we can play together as a team

  • Bowling! Randy does much better than Denise, but we enjoy the time together and the exercise.
  • Crochet! It may sound silly, but crochet is a great stress reliever for Denise. Randy doesn’t crochet but he is the designated yarn selector.
  • Reading! Denise prefers the classics; Randy loves to find new fantasy books. However, it isn’t unusual for either of us to read the Sunday funny papers either.
  • Hockey! Baseball and football are also big in our house, but hockey is the most watched sport. It is really a great time when our teams play each other! Go Rangers! Go Leafs! Our nephew has recently started to play hockey too, so we love to watch his practices.
  • Cooking/Baking! Denise loves to help the kids make their own candies, cookies, and cupcakes; Randy is the pastry guru. We love to team up for a great recipe!
  • Being Nerds! Denise is the “word nerd” and Randy is the “math nerd”, and we both are “science nerds”. It is so much fun to share new fun facts with the children in our lives.
  • Family! We love spending time with our family. Cookouts, birthday parties, and of course all holidays! Nothing beats the traditional games of Trivia Pursuit after dinner with Randy’s family. It will be great to share these gatherings with our child, and create new traditions of our own.
  • 5K Walks! We have had so much fun supporting Hospice of Cincinnati for the past 4 years, and did our first Frozen 5K in support of Pink Ribbon girls this past January. Great exercise and helping to support organizations that we believe improve our world! I cannot wait until we can take a little one with us!

In our own words:


Randy, about Denise: “Denise has always been the social butterfly of our relationship. She loves meeting new people, going to new places, and just living life with a smile. That is what attracted me to her at first as I have always been more closed off. She has taught me to be more open minded about others and not be so quick to judge. This has had a profound impact on my life as well as those we interact with. She always tries to see where the other person is coming from to understand them better as well as their culture and social differences. This is a key skill that she tries to in instill in the

children as well as adults in our lives. From my personal experience it has only made things better and opened me up to experiences with other people and places I never would have talked, interacted with, or visited before.”


Denise, about Randy: “Randy is my rock. I know that when he is by my side, I can truly do almost anything. Whether it is encouragement to try a new restaurant, facing my fear of heights, riding a bicycle after 25 years, or even teaching me new ways to do math in my head, he knows what to say and stays right by your side to see it through. His bravery has really helped me to let go of some of my “planning” side and enjoy the freedom of just doing things off the cuff, taking chances, and enjoying life as it is instead of trying to make things what they are not. I see this in his interactions with our nieces and nephews, too. They know that if anything happens, Uncle Randy is right there for love and support, so they are more brave when making choices and willing to be more spontaneous. It can take a while for him to get to know a person, since opening up doesn’t come naturally to him. However, once you are in that inner circle, it is such a fun and safe place to be! Randy is a fierce friend, loving partner, and loyal defender.”


It is really difficult to use this letter to introduce ourselves to you, or help you to know that we will be great parents. We have had a lot of experience with children, and cannot wait to experience all of the “firsts” with our child. Loose teeth, steps, broken heart, chore charts, science experiments, movies, Christmas morning… we are ready for them all! Being a parent is a very difficult job and we are 100% ready to start!


Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about our family. We hope that we have provided you with a quick insight to who we are, and how we enjoy life!


All of our best to you,

Randy & Denise


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