Jeff and Christy

Dear Birthparent,


We are delighted that you chose to review our profile. We can imagine that this is a difficult and challenging time. It is our wish for you to know that we believe you are brave, loving, and looking to do the best for yourself and your child.


Jeff and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for sixteen years. We have three children, ranging in age from 9-13. Adoption has always been something we have felt called to incorporate into our lives, and we actually spent 5 years in an international program. However, the particular country we were involved with closed and that brought our journey back to looking at domestic adoption. Adoption is not new to our extended family and friends; we know that this child will be welcomed with open arms!


Our family identifies as Christians. We are very active in our church and participate in many outreach programs with the community. We would like you to know that while we are committed to our faith, we have very much respect for other faith backgrounds. If you come from a different religious background, we can assure you that all of our children will be taught that part of their history.


We live in a beautiful home on a low traffic street in a very safe Cincinnati neighborhood. We have a fenced backyard that is great for playing in and level sidewalks, perfect for riding bikes and taking walks! Our community is very diverse and there are lots of young families with children.


Jeff is a great husband and father. He works for a large Cincinnati based company as an Information Technology Manager. We are lucky that he has a flexible job and is able to attend school events and most, if not all, of our kids' activities. In his "free time," besides playing with our kids and helping with homework, Jeff loves to complete home improvement projects. We always feel so blessed that he is talented in this regard. He also enjoys running, biking, hiking, camping, golfing, and taking our kids to the pool in the summer. Jeff is also involved in a local group that works with homeless families, and he really enjoys interacting with all the children - they usually use him as a human jungle gym!


Christy is a very caring and compassionate mother and wife. She works as a part-time teacher where she enjoys helping kids grow and learn. We were lucky to have Christy stay at home while our kids were younger; this time is very special to her and our kids. Even now, she is able to be home before the kids get home each day. Christy keeps our house running like a well-oiled machine and enjoys cooking and baking wonderful things for our family. She is also heavily involved as a volunteer at our church, our kids' schools, and in our community. Christy enjoys spending time with our family and friends, doing yoga, hiking and camping, gardening, and cooking.


We have three kids (Jeffrey, Christopher and Maggie) who are just as eager as we are to welcome home a new sibling! All three do very well in school and enjoy learning. Our oldest plays the cello and piano, runs, reads like crazy, loves Legos, and his favorite T.V. show is Dr. Who. Our middle child plays the violin and piano, loves basketball, and does a little acting here and there. Our youngest also plays the violin and piano, enjoys playing with her friends, pretending with her doll babies, and loves anything to do with animals. In the summer the kids love swimming and playing tennis at the pool we belong to, gardening with Christy, taking hikes, and exploring Ohio on daytrips. We take a big family vacation at least once a year. Recently, we have enjoyed going to Disney World, the beach, the Grand Canyon, and all over Colorado. Our kids are lucky to have all of their grandparents in their lives and spend time with them on a regular basis. Christy's parents have a special tradition to take each grandchild on a special trip when they turn eight, which that grandchild gets to help plan. Our kids have been to some amazing places and have made many special memories. Jeff's dad and step mom make an extra effort to attend each sporting and music event, babysit when needed, and help out whenever we need it. Jeff's mom lives in Florida and works for Disney World! We get regular updates on Mickey Mouse and all of the Disney Princesses. Our family loves visiting with her in Disney World, and we enjoy when she comes to Cincinnati for a visit. In addition to active grandparents, Jeff and I each have siblings, and we enjoy seeing each other as much as possible. We love being an Aunt and Uncle!


Rounding out our family, last but not least, are our pets. We have a frog, a rainbow fish, a beautiful black cat that is very affectionate, and two dogs. Both dogs are shelter rescues. The oldest dog is a Rottweiler, who is the very best family pet and loves our children. The youngest is a puppy and a golden retriever mix. Our Rottweiler has been trained as a therapy dog and our daughter and Jeff spend time taking her to nursing homes to visit with the elderly residents.


We hope that you enjoyed getting to know us better, and we look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you may have. Raising children has been one of our greatest joys and we cannot wait to add to our family.




Jeff and Christy


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