Jennifer and Tom

Dear Birthmother,


Hello, our names are Tom and Jennifer and we are so happy that you are taking the time to read about us, look at our pictures and see our tremendous love for each other. We know that this is a difficult decision that you are undertaking and greatly admire your courage to consider adoption. We also know how much love you have for this child, and are aware of your strong desire to find the right family to love and cherish your baby. We understand what a loving sacrifice it is to make an adoption plan and therefore would be honored to be a part of that plan. We would be sure to share this with the child and let them know how incredible you are to place their needs above your own.


As a couple, we have been blessed in many ways. Both of us come from strong family-centric backgrounds and as a result, have wonderful, supportive family on both sides who are just as excited as we are with the idea of having a baby to fill our house with joy and laughter. It is important to us that you know that we are not strangers to adoption as two of our nieces and nephews were adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage ten years ago. What a gift they have been and they have forever changed our lives.


Meet Tom


Tom is originally from the Central Michigan area, growing up as a middle child in a large, loving family of five brothers and one sister. Family has been the focus of Tom’s life, and it always will be. His definition of family has changed over the years to include in-laws, a stepmother and sisters, an adopted exchange student, and an adopted niece and nephew. These are relationships as close if not closer than that of his blood relatives. It is hard to imagine his life without these additions, and is why adopting a child seems so natural to us. Despite the fact that Tom’s family has settled in other parts of the country (and world) they still manage to keep in touch with each other.


As a child, Tom was always creating something, maybe scribbling or drawing on a notepad, hard at work creating something. As he grew older, he developed an interest in community theater, spending his summers building sets and performing in a local children's theater program. Perhaps the best part about his years in theater was the kinship he found there and the friendships he made with such a creative and dynamic group of people. Those were fun days and the highlight of his youth. College provided Tom with a variety of creative fields, but he eventually settled into a major in Mass



Like a lot of families, Tom and many of his siblings grew up watching the current TV shows and movies of the time. It was the exposure to these mediums that developed his appreciation for the arts and manifested a desire of everything related to television, theater and movies. Those interests took form later in life when he began his current career in community television, where he guides and trains volunteers in the art of television production. This is a passion that Tom has longed to pass on to a child of his own, and hopefully in the process inspire and develop the creativity that exists within them.


Tom’s interests include photography, traveling, and hiking. He is a huge fan and avid reader of science fiction and graphic novels. Tom also studies and enjoys a variety of entertainment that includes TV, film and stage.


Meet Jennifer


Jennifer has lived locally her entire life. She comes from a tightly knit Catholic family and is the older of two children. The

highlight of her childhood was growing up on a small 19th century farm where she was fortunate enough to have a large yard to play in and pets galore. Raising pigeons, chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish and a dog was an incredible experience for both she and her sister and provided many life lessons.


However, her interests didn’t end there. Jennifer was also involved in Girl Scouts for 11 years, and she worked really hard to earn the highest award in scouting- the Gold Award. She studied violin, participated in three of her school’s orchestras, and competed in state solo and ensemble contests. Her enthusiasm for music carried over to marching band as well, where Jennifer was a member of the colorguard. Jennifer looks forward to passing on her childhood interests and can’t wait to be a Girl or Boy Scout leader and music mom.


As far back as she can remember, Jennifer has loved learning, going to school and reading. She can never ever seem to get enough! At the age of nine Jennifer fell in love with history and science. Also at the age of nine, she decided that she was going to become a teacher and work in a bookstore. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Science and a Master of Education degree with a concentration in Children’s Literature.


Aside from her lifelong dream of becoming a mom, she would also like to someday earn a Doctorate and become a published author. Jennifer taught elementary school for five years while simultaneously working part time in a bookstore. One day she decided to try bookstore management and found that she loved it. Even though she is no longer teaching, she still maintains an active license and is certified to teach grades K-8.


In her spare time Jennifer enjoys reading, writing, Civil War history, science and nature, genealogy, treasure hunting, gardening, antiques and yoga. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to share her passions and do what she does best, teach a child.


Jennifer on Tom


Tom is my hero. He is my best friend, and an attentive husband who is always there not only for me but for my family as well. The moment I met him I knew that I wanted to be with him. On our first date I experienced something so overwhelming, so deep and powerful within me that I can only describe it as our souls finally finding each other. He makes me smile, laugh and glow.


Tom possesses qualities which seem rare anymore. He is a true gentleman first, well-mannered, polite, loving, compassionate. Much to my relief he’s not entirely a “guy’s guy.” Sports and being out with the boys rank very low on his priority list. What ranks high are things that really matter to me--his sensitivity, devotion, affection, levelheadedness,

sense of humor. Everyone who meets Tom is taken by his charisma and the way he treats people around him. It is quite common to hear people say “He is one of the nicest people that I have ever met.” I thank God every day for blessing me with Tom. He will be an exceptional father.


Tom on Jennifer


Jennifer has been my rock for almost 20 years now. Even before we were married she was always a good friend that I could rely on. She became an even better wife, and a model of devotion, demonstrating her love and commitment every day. Jennifer is a very earnest, hard working individual who is very generous with her time and attention. She has a great heart and feels her emotions deeply. Family has always been at the core of her life, and is always her first priority. Whenever there is a crisis Jennifer is always the first person on the front line to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on.


Jennifer has been preparing for the role of mother for a better part of her life. She is a natural around children, having spent her post college years teaching elementary kids. I’m amazed how she knows just what to say and how to relate to children at their level. There is a sense of trust that Jennifer radiates which puts everyone at ease, no matter how old they are.


About Us


Just like all newlyweds, we had great plans and ideas. Having the perfect family was so easy to imagine. Everyone said that we would make fantastic parents and we assumed that having kids would be simple. After all, it was simple for our parents; it was simple for our siblings. We were wrong. When friends and family celebrated baby after baby we endured years of miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. Looking back at our experiences, it is now clear that God has a very special child planned for our family. We cannot wait to share our gifts and talents with this child as well as watch their unique and amazing abilities unfold.


As a couple, we enjoy many mutual activities together. Spending time with our families is definitely on the top of our list. Both of us are blessed to have family in town that we see regularly and with whom we celebrate every holiday together. Yes, that means two Christmas dinners, two Thanksgiving dinners, two Easter dinners and two birthdays every year!


Our 16 nieces and nephews are very important to us and we involve ourselves in their lives as much as possible. Whether it’s cheering them on at a lacrosse match or applauding enthusiastically at a concert, Uncle Tom and Aunt Jennifer can be counted on to be familiar faces in the crowd and proud supporters of their talents and interests.


Our nieces and nephews look forward to going to amusement parks with us, reading together, playing superhero, and just hanging out with us. We are also committed to our 6 godchildren as they grow in the faith of our church. Not everyone believes this, but we actually look forward to babysitting for family and friends!


Another one of our common interests is travel. We love to go on adventures and explore different places. Every year we take three or four vacations and make it a point to try something or someplace new. Favorite destinations include London, Paris, Quebec, Disney World, Gatlinburg, Mackinac Island, Maine, Washington D.C., historical sites, and amusement parks. We’re also content to knock around town and visit the Museum Center, Zoo and the Nature Center.


Our shared pastimes are rounded out by taking walks, hiking locally and in the Smoky Mountains, and going to movies. We are so excited to include a child in all of our fun activities.


Our Home


We live in a desirable suburb with top-notch public schools and private schools. There are four libraries within four miles of our house and a county park just a few minutes away. We also have a neighborhood park that is within walking distance and a sidewalk system which connects the area subdivisions. Our cul-de-sac street is peaceful, safe and home to families and children of all ages. The neighbors are extremely friendly and gather every summer for a neighborhood picnic. An added bonus is that Jennifer’s mom lives down the street and she just loves being a grandma.


Our yard is a slice of paradise complete with an organic vegetable garden. It’s the perfect place for children to play, read or explore the outdoors. The yard is large, green and filled with different types of wildlife. As the seasons change so do some of the animals. In the spring, we hear choruses of spring peepers. In the summer, the tree frogs come out. But by far, the fireflies are the most spectacular sight. Each summer there are so many of them in the trees and bushes that our backyard twinkles like Christmas lights. Our fall and winter visitors include barred owls.


Our Promise


Our greatest dream is to share our love and life with a child. He or she will be cherished, supported, nurtured and cared for in one of the best and most loving families. We will, as well as our community of friends and family, love this child unconditionally. We promise that any child we adopt will be welcomed into a happy, loving home with plenty of educational opportunities, adventures and books. We also promise to raise a child with high self-esteem and a sense of their own individuality, to teach them how to reach his or her goals and to be their own person through our careful guidance. We will want only the best for our child, just as we are sure you do too.


We realize that in the days ahead you will be making very important yet difficult decisions. Please know that two people in Cincinnati will keep you and yours in their prayers.




Tom & Jennifer


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