Joe and George

Dear Birthparent(s),


First off, we admire your courage and generousness as you make the difficult decisions about what is best for your child. That being said, we are very excited to have the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves in the hopes that you will choose us to play a large role in your child’s life.


As you can tell, there is something that sets us apart from the majority of hopeful adoptive parents. As a gay couple, we recognize that we are different from the majority of possible adoptive parents from whom you may choose. However, like all other hopeful adoptive parents, we share the same goal of providing a loving and supportive family for your child, just like we were

both lucky enough to experience growing up.



We jokingly tell people we met “the old fashioned way” (meaning online). We lived in different cities about an hour away (Joe in Dayton, George in Cincinnati) and met for dinner in between. We hit it off instantly when we discovered that we were both raised on farms and were both very active in 4-H as children. We also quickly discovered that we share a love of travel and are lucky to have had a number of opportunities to see and experience different cultures around the world, both separately before we met, and since then as a couple.


Thanks to the rapidly changing hearts and minds of many people (and courts) in this country, we were able to be legally married in 2014. We are so grateful that we were able to experience this in our lifetime, something we were not sure would ever be the case. Now we are thrilled that we are able to take the next step to grow our family.



Joe grew up on a small farm with a big family of three brothers and one sister. He raised animals as 4-H projects for the fair, played sports (baseball and football), and spent a lot of time with his siblings. He has great memories of family road trips to Clearwater Beach in Florida, getting up early to go hiking on Sunday mornings with dad, and backyard games. Joe also had the fortunate opportunity to be an exchange student in high school in France, where he spent a summer living with three different host families. He continued to study French in college and still speaks conversationally today. Joe works in information technology as a project manager and enjoys working on home improvement projects around the house and backyard.


As a father, Joe looks forward to taking road trips, hiking, camping, and just spending time with his family. While he enjoys the trips and vacations that he and George take, he can’t wait to share new places and experiences with their child.



George was raised on a large beef cattle farm with over 300 head of cattle, which impacts his life today in both big and small ways.

Although he no longer has to feed animals before school, he remains a morning person who believes the early bird catches the worm. The work ethic he learned as a child also aided him in school, where he always worked hard and excelled academically. He also continues to love animals both big and small, and is still trying to convince Joe to build a chicken coop in the back-yard. George now works as a tax attorney and in his free time he likes to spend time with family and friends, both at backyard BBQs as well as going to museums and concerts. He also enjoys baking around the holidays. 


George has always wanted to have a family and children. His dad coached his soccer team and basketball team when he was a kid and he would like to be similarly involved with his kids.



We share a love of travel, the outdoors, and cooking together. Since we've been together, we have traveled to Mexico City, Belize, Cozumel, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dominican Republic, Puerto Vallarta, Montreal, and most recently,

South America.   



We share our home with our cat Rudy and our dog Rosie Red. We recently relocated from Cincinnati to Columbus, Ohio for George’s job.

However, George and Joe’s family both live in the country on farms in southwest Ohio and Joe continues to work remotely for a company in Cincinnati, so we will always consider the greater southwestern Ohio region to be our home. Our current neighborhood in Columbus is nestled in a diverse community with charming old homes and a number of small parks and family friendly restaurants within walking distance.   



We know that as a gay couple, we are not able to provide your child with a “full-time” mother. However, we do have a number of important women in our lives that would play an active role in your child’s life, and serve as strong female role models. Joe’s mother has been a nurse for more than 30 years and has cut back to working part time as she devotes more time to her grandchildren. George’s mother has been a dental hygienist for over 30 years, and has also cut back on work as she spends more time with her grandkids. Joe’s sister would serve as another female presence in your child’s life. Like her mother, she is also a nurse, and is very close to both Joe and George. 


In addition, because your child would not have a “full-time” mother at home, we will be genuinely happy and committed to work together with you to establish a level of involvement and openness that benefits your child and that everyone is comfortable

with, if you desire to remain involved. Regardless of your level of involvement, we will be genuinely happy and comfortable explaining to your child all about you and the decision you made with his or her best interest in mind.  


If you have any questions or would like to find out more, we would be glad to meet you in person at a meeting facilitated by Adoption Connection. 


Thank you for considering us, 




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