Josh and Michele

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We want to share who we are and what motivates our interest in adoption. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn about your interests and dreams.


We met 12 years ago when Michele was teaching a college class that Josh's younger brother was taking. His brother noticed a poster of a Tennessee-based indie band in her office that he had seen hanging in Josh's living room. "My brother has that poster in his living room. He's your age," he said to Michele. "My professor has that poster hanging in her office; she's your age, and she's cute," he said to Josh.


After the semester was over, we arranged to meet at a nearby Chinese restaurant where we shared some CDs and discussed music. Shortly after, we began dating. We fell in love and got married a few years later. We now share our home with our cat Neko and our dog Nashville and hope to eventually adopt two children so they will always be lifelong playmates and friends.



Michele is a university professor and has a flexible schedule. She goes to campus only 3-4 days a week to teach classes and meet with students. Having summers off is another key benefit of her job, and she looks forward to spending summers with our child exploring local playgrounds, visiting museums, and spending time together at home. Michele likes to cook and enjoys family meals together. She is passionate about the environment and serves on the board of directors for a local environmental organization. Michele loves to read. Many of the books stacked on her nightstand are historical mysteries or about technology and language (one's about video games) but she looks forward to adding children's books to the stack (Green Eggs and Ham and Guess How Much I Love You are two of her favorites).



Josh leads North and South American Sales for an open source software company. In addition to technology, he enjoys playing guitar, working with his hands and doing projects around our 1920's-era house. Since we've lived there, he has remodeled the bathroom and office to reflect the period of the house, refinished all of the hardwood floors and painted every room. His next project will be to refinish our basement to serve as a playroom. Josh looks forward to sharing and teaching skills like that to our child while fostering an appreciation for music, technology and the arts.



Our Home

We share our home with our cat Neko and our dog Nashville. For nearly ten years, we have lived in a quiet community with big trees and a wonderful park directly across the street. Many of our neighbors have lived in their homes more than 35 years, playing in the park and raising their children, and we hope to do the same. We have many friends nearby, and most weekends, we can be found running around with them and their children.


Our Interests

We share a love of travel, sports, the outdoors, music and working in our community. Since we've been together, we have traveled to Italy, New York, Mexico, Jamaica and the Netherlands - among other places - we especially love the beach. Michele went to the University of Tennessee and loves SEC football. Josh went to Miami University and is always up for a Redhawks hockey game. Many weekends, we can be found going to concerts, hiking or bicycling. And we very much look forward to having our child join us in these experiences.


Josh and Michele


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