Julie and Adam



Our names are Adam and Julie. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us and considering us in your adoption plan. We admire the choice you are making and can only imagine how much courage, strength, and selfless love for your child it takes to make this difficult decision. We pray that God may guide you through this time in your life.


We have known each other for over ten years and first met while we were both in 4-H and showed pigs at our county fair. Although we did not know each other very well growing up, we shared the same group of friends in high school and started dating in the summer of 2004. In June of 2009, we were married surrounded by many family members and friends in a small Catholic church.


We live in mid-west Ohio in a small rural community with lots of open space. In February of 2013, we finished building our

new home and moved in. Our two-acre lot is located right around the corner from Adam’s family’s farm in the front of an eight-acre woods. We really love where we live because it is very quiet, peaceful, and we can enjoy nature in our own backyard.


We are also blessed to live in an area where Christian family values are very important. We love that most our immediate family and friends live within a short 15-minute drive. Julie’s family likes gathering throughout the year for celebrations. They especially enjoy getting together during the warmer months at her family’s pond for campfires, swimming, and playing games. Adam’s family often meets at the farm for home cooked meals and campfires. They also frequently gather during the spring and fall when there is an abundance of farm work to do. We also have large extended families which include many aunts, uncles, and cousins. We often get together throughout the year for holidays and special events. All of our family and friends are very supportive and are excited that we will be growing our family through adoption.


Julie grew up in a small community on a family farm. She has three brothers and one sister. Julie also has two nieces

and a nephew who she loves to play with and spoil. She works at a local nursing home as a speech/language therapist

where she enjoys helping patients overcome obstacles related to cognitive, communication, voice, and swallowing

impairments. Her hobbies include working in the large garden shared with Adam’s family, crocheting, sewing, baking,

caring for our dozen chickens, as well as canning fruits and vegetables from the garden and fruit trees. Our families always look forward to the sweet treats she makes. She also loves to find a good bargain!


Adam grew up on a small family farm with two brothers and one sister. Adam also has a niece who he enjoys making

laugh. He is a manufacturing engineer at a local design and manufacturing company. In his spare time, Adam enjoys working on the family farm, going to dirt track races, attending local high school football games, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. He also enjoys woodworking and has built many shelves and cabinets to help organize our home. Adam also likes to lend a helping hand to family and friends with farm work and construction projects.


Our dog Smokey is a very energetic five-year-old Australian Shepherd-Black Lab mix. She loves to run through the woods around our house, chase squirrels, and play fetch with her favorite tennis ball. She also loves to play with our nieces and nephew. We joke that she is our “driveway alarm” because she always lets us know when someone stops by to visit!


We always knew that we wanted to raise children together but through dealing with fertility issues, we realized that God’s plan for us included adoption. We look forward to growing our family through the wonderful gift of adoption and nurturing children in our Christian home. We will provide unconditional love to any child we welcome into our home and are excited to share their adoption story with them as they grow up. As a part of our adoption plan, we are interested in having some degree of openness. We feel that it is important that our adoptive child also know about their birth family.


We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn about us as you go through your adoption journey. Thank you for

choosing life and the wonderful gift of adoption. We pray that God may bless you and guide you in your decision.



Adam & Julie


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