Kaci and Jonathan

Dear Birthparent,


To begin, let us say thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are Jon and Kaci, and our journey towards adoption began in 2016. We are an outgoing, pet-loving family of two. Our faith and education have helped shape us into the people we are today. It is important to us both, that our children know the love of God and His influence on our lives. The core of our family principles is compassion. Our parents, friends, and fellow parishioners bestowed this value into our hearts, and we hope to do the same for a son or daughter. It is our wish for you, that you find the strength and courage needed to complete this journey; we’re confident you will find this letter helpful during this important moment in time.


About Us

Kaci enjoys gardening during the spring and summer. All year-round however, Kaci expands her creative side with arts & crafts as well as baking. In between those moments, she will enjoy a Sci-Fi movie or two with Jon.


Growing up, Kaci was a quiet child with only a few close friends. She played soccer and swam at a young age, then began to play field hockey and basketball in high school. She also played the string bass from 6th grade through college. Her parents gave Kaci the freedom to do any activity she chose to, and never forced her into anything she didn’t feel comfortable trying, but once involved, she was always positively encouraged to do her best.


Kaci was adopted when she was a baby. Her parents - Sandy and Turk - adopted her because her biological mom was very young. Sandy and Turk informed her from an early age that she was adopted, which made everything about her life feel comfortable. She understood the situation at hand was an act of compassion, and has used this experience to enhance her understanding of what we will eventually be called upon to do.


From an early age, Jon always had an interest in the planets and stars. Astronomy is still one of his hobbies, but that doesn’t come close to his love for all things technology! When deep in thought, he listens to music (classical, and classically-inspired movie soundtracks), and to relax, he will basically enjoy anything Sci-Fi.


Growing up, Jon was into video games; that happens when you're part of the “Nintendo Generation”. Jon’s parents were able to successfully balance video games with the outdoors, enforcing the idea that we shouldn't miss what is happening around us, and enjoy life beyond the walls of the house. Jon’s father Rick was an assistant coach and umpire for little league baseball when Jon played, and was also a Scoutmaster when Jon was in Boy Scouts. Sue, Jon’s mother, was always right there with his father to support them both, living by example, showing compassion and the value of family engagement in activities. After grade school, Jon became interested in technology. This helped propel him into a career in Information Technology.


Our extended family is a vital part of our lives. We can rely on them to be there with love and support, and our child will know that value through grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. At least once a year, we plan a trip to Pennsylvania to visit our family there. We hope that our child will find the experience to be something to look forward to, and enlightening

also. We intend to provide our child with many opportunities to visit places they wouldn’t normally go, and to provide a good education, healthy lifestyle, and the freedom to explore their talents and desires as they see fit.


We are open to some degree of ongoing contact. We look forward to working together to create a plan that will honor and respect your desired level of openness. We are willing to exchange photos and letters, and hope to maintain this connection as long as you wish.


It is important to emphasize this decision is difficult. Rest assured, we are willing to devote our lives to provide, nurture, and educate with all of our hearts, with all of our love and with all of our compassion. In the end, you will be a part of the child’s life, and we will ensure the child understands why you made this decision out of love.





Jon and Kaci


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