Kate and Kyle




We are so excited you want to learn more about us! We are sure you have a million questions bouncing around and hopefully we can answer the ones about us for you! Kyle and Kate were married in Savannah, Georgia on May 25, 2013 after a year of dating and 8 months of being

engaged. Kyle works for an international engineering firm where he does IT work across the globe. Kate works for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with the complex care children, but has the potential to be a stay at home parent as well!


In 2014, Kate was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that would make pregnancy extremely high risk. Both Kate and Kyle decided to not risk it and pursue the process of adoption!


A few things we love:

  • Our family of course! We have both of Kyle’s parents, Jo & Steve, Kate’s mom Susie, Kate’s sister Stephanie and husband Kyle and their new daughter Izzy! We do family vacations together and basically hanging out regularly!
  • Church! We love our Crossroads Christian Church where we attend regularly, we have our small group as well as bigger volunteer commitments that we love accomplishing and being with God of course!
  • CrossFit, we love coaching CrossFit as well as participating ourselves. Our friends and their families are there and we have a great time hanging out with them each workout!
  • Lake time! We love having our boat (safety first!) and take friends, family and the dogs of course as often as we can get out!
  • Puppies. We love, love our puppies. We had a cairn terrier, Jack, who went to heaven last May but we still have Abby, the diva westie and Fitzgerald, our huge snuggly golden retriever. Both love Izzy and have gotten used to having a baby around!

  A few things we have thought through for a child:

  • Nursery. Right now it’s a gender neutral gray and beige nautical themed nursery. It’s super adorable and has anchors, oars, a floating boat and a seagull mobile. It’s all ready to go!
  • Day care things. Right now, we are leaning toward Kate being a stay at home parent and being able to run her consulting business out of the home. If this does not become a reality, we are leaning toward a super adorable, interactive and fun nanny!
  • Education. Right now, we are really leaning toward a public school education. The reasoning behind this is that when Kyle goes across the globe for his job, we would pack up as a family and go too. We would use this time as learning experiences in different countries and we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this goal if we were paying a private high school tuition. Things may change in 14-16 years but at this point, this is our favorite option.
  • Higher education. Higher education is an absolute yes from our household. Whether it’s moving on toward college or to a trade school of some sort, we will support emotionally and financially any choices made toward higher education.

We can promise lots of love. We can promise always having a dog to sleep in bed and keep the monsters away. We can promise raising a child with a sense of self-worth, self-assurance and the ability to stand on their own two feet but always having us as a safety net. We promise always having adventure, always learning and the ability to always count on their family. Thank you again, for your time, consideration and being a part of this love journey. No matter what your reason for being here is, remember that you are truly amazing. Total rockstar in our eyes.


Much love,


Kyle and Kate


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