Kay and Ian

Dear Birth Parent,


We are Ian, Kay, and Mikey. We are honored you have taken time to learn more about our family. You should know that we have the utmost respect for you. We think you are incredibly brave and strong for considering adoption. We can promise you that we have a more than a lifetime of love to give your child, and we will do everything we can to give him/her the best life possible.


We met 17 years ago and it was love at first sight. Although we went to the same high school and had some of the same friends, we didn’t meet until after Ian got out of the Army and returned home. We knew we would marry two weeks after we met, but we waited

about 5 years before we got married. We wanted to make sure we finished college and we were ready for marriage. Although we have different interests and hobbies, being together is really our favorite thing to do. We are truly best friends.


Ian is a stay-at-home dad, and we love it. Ian and Mikey to all sorts of activities together…museums, the park, biking, and just playing in the backyard. It is nice that there is always somebody home for Mikey and we don’t have to worry about childcare. Ian is even one of the coaches for Mikey’s football team. Ian has degrees in engineering and business, and he uses those to help Mikey with homework…and to fix things around the house. He keeps our family moving and makes sure we are all taken care of. Ian loves mountain biking and playing lacrosse with Mikey.


Kay loves nothing more than being a mom. Although she works outside the home, she considers herself a mom before she is anything else. Kay works for one of the largest financial services companies in the world. She is a director and has been there for over 15 years.

Although she works very hard, her job allows her the flexibility to work from home and be there for most of Mikey’s school activities and sports. On the weekends and in the evenings, Kay loves to spend time with family—cooking with Ian and Mikey, going on walks, going to Kings Island, or taking the family to events or festivals around town.


We had our son, Mikey in 2007. Our lives became better than we ever thought possible when we became parents. He is full of life and every day is an adventure with him. Lots of activity, playing outside, art projects, Legos, dancing, jokes, reading, sports and playing with friends. Mikey says he “wants to be a big brother so bad”. Mikey wants to help teach a little brother or sister how to ride a bike, make a blanket fort, teach them how to swim, how to build Legos…and a million other things. Mikey loves sports. He plays football and lacrosse. He is protective and gentle--and loves making younger kids laugh.


Becoming parents is the best thing that ever happened to us. Before we had Mikey, the doctors told us that we may never be able to have children and we decided that adoption was the best option for us back then. Mikey was a surprise! We loved being parents so

much, that we decided to try to have another child. In 2013, our daughter Rosie was stillborn at 36 weeks. It was the hardest thing we have ever been through.


Our hearts were broken. We know that we can’t ever replace Rosie, but our family is ready to grow again. Our house is too quiet. We would love nothing more than to hear twice the giggles, have twice the toys on the floor, and a lifetime of memories made together. Because of the risks of future pregnancies for Kay and the baby, we have decided that adoption is still the best choice for us.


We just moved into our forever home in the northeastern part of Cincinnati. We have a big back yard, lots of trees, a big dog named Bill, a playroom, and a bedroom waiting to be decorated for our next child. It is in one of the best school districts in Ohio, but we have chosen to send our children to private schools to give them the best possible foundation for life. Our neighborhood is full of kids. We live

within walking distance of a pool, near plenty of parks, and close to all of the fun things to do in Cincinnati.


All four grandparents live in town and we see them frequently. We usually have at least one big family dinner each weekend. Our families are very close-knit and we are always there for each other. Kay has a brother and two sisters. Ian has a brother and a sister. Kay comes from a big family – 20 aunts and uncles and 35 cousins. They get together for parties and family events whenever they can. Children are always welcome in our family. Our entire family and all of our friends are excited that we are adopting. They can’t wait

to welcome another child into our lives with us.


We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, and appreciate your consideration of us as adoptive parents to your child. We promise you that we will provide your child with a loving and happy home where they will be loved for who they are, cherished and respected. We will always encourage our children to do their best and to follow their dreams whatever those dreams may be.


Ian, Kay & Mikey




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