Kelleen and Brian

Dear Birthparent,


Hello! Our names are Brian and Kelleen. We were blessed to adopt a little girl we named Molly and can't wait to adopt another baby to complete our family.


We’ve found that openness is important for everyone in this process. It allows you to maintain contact as the child grows up and gives them a sense of who their birthparents are and where they came from. We thought it would be fun to write a letter from our daughter Molly's perspective, to help give you a sense of what life would be like in our home. We think she’d probably say something like this:


Hi! I'm Molly and I want to tell you all about my family. My mom and dad are super special and I love them very much. From the day I was born, my parents have shown me nothing but love and affection. (It’s almost embarrassing sometimes.) They told me how much they loved having me, but felt that our family was missing a final piece. They wanted to adopt another baby and I couldn't have been more excited! Because, let’s face it, I could totally rock the big sister thing.


Life in our house is always fun and happy, and it’ll be even more so with a new addition. I can’t wait to show my new best friend the ropes. My parents always tell me my adoption story at bedtime so I feel like I actually do remember it. It’s so cool to think that I’ll be right there to experience my little sib’s. And since we’re both adopted, I can help answer any questions they have later.


We live in a nice Cincinnati neighborhood on a street lined with giant oak and maple trees and lots of cool houses—some more than 100 years old! Our neighborhood has lots of families and I’m always outside playing or riding bikes with friends. In the summer, our street has a big block party. All of the kids swim in the neighbor’s pool, jump in the bounce house and eat hot dogs from the grill. The party is a blast and it's just one of the things that make it exciting to live here. Inside the house I color, play games, and invent new things with Playdoh. I can’t wait to teach a new baby these fun tricks…and go to the zoo! If we’re lucky, we’ll get to ride on the train a few times before we leave. Toot. Toot!


Mom is usually the ringleader of our excursions. She loves to laugh and always wants to make other people smile. She grew up on the West Side of Cincinnati with her parents and older brother. She always takes us to church and likes to spend time outdoors, or going shopping, or taking pictures of me playing soccer. She’s really awesome at doing art projects and picking good movies for us to see. And when I’m not feeling well, Mom is always there to help me feel better.


Besides being a great mom, she works part-time as a freelance graphic designer. She even owns her own design business that she named after me! She creates advertising campaigns, designs logos and websites, and a bunch of other cool stuff. She has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design so I know her work’s super creative, just like all the stuff we do at home.


My dad is a cool, genuine, and funny guy. He has a way of saying hilarious things when you least expect it. (I'm the same way if you ask me). Dad loves to spend time with our family, like when he sits down to help with homework, or shoots hoops in the backyard. He is always there to make a girl feel special.


Dad works as a Vice President for a bank and lends money to businesses. He has a Bachelors Degree in Economics and

a Masters of Business Administration Degree. I can’t wait to go to college to do something I love, just like my mom and dad.


Dad grew up in a small town in Northeast Ohio with lots of farms. We make it back to spend time with my grandparents a few times a year. When we go we visit Amish country to pick up homemade baked goods (yum), hang out with our family and celebrate the holidays with grandma, grandpa, my aunt, uncle and cousins.


Celebrations are big in our family, and birthdays and adoption day are some of our favorites. It means we get to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and nab a couple presents. Woo hoo! Thanksgiving is at our house and we all help make the big meal. Mom and Dad like to cook together and I set the table and help with whatever else needs to be done, like taste-testing the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Christmas is even better! Not only do we get to open presents at our house on Christmas morning, but Santa also leaves presents at both of my grandparents’ houses.


After Christmas, vacation is my favorite time of year. Mom and Dad like to travel and we’re always going to fun places—usually the beach. Before I came along, they took some pretty adventurous trips, and they’re totally taking me skiing when I get a little bigger.


I have a really good relationship with my birthfamily and can only wish for the same for my younger sibling. I'm so glad my parents were interested in having an open adoption, because it has helped me understand who I am today.


Thanks for hearing about our family,





This is how we imagine that Molly might describe our family life. We welcome the opportunity to meet, share more about our life and the level of openness in the adoption that would work best for everyone involved. Again, thank you for allowing us to share our story with you, in the hopes that your sweet baby can become a part of it.


All the Best,

Brian and Kelleen


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