Krista and Jeff


Hello -


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! It is our heart's desire to grow our family and hope you will help us do that. We have such close, strong, loving relationship with our brother and sisters, we want that for our family and for our adopted son. We want to tell you a little about us:







  1. FAMILY is the CENTER of Krista's life.
  2. Krista is such an amazing mom!
  3. Krista LOVES to LAUGH.
  4. She is a GENUINELY HAPPY person, while always looking to better herself and those around her.
  5. Krista is a STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN, but is also comfortable enough sharing her life, enjoyment, dreams & responsibilities.

"What I love most about Krista is the way she inspires and supports people. She enables those around her to give their full effort and reach for goals, beyond their expectation. With Krista's inspiration & support I started my own law practice. She inspires me to be a better person and I can't wait to see the influence she will have on our children." - Jeff



  1. He VALUES & is committed to FAMILY.
  2. He has such a JOY & enthusiasm FOR LIFE.
  3. He is KIND, supportive, loving & caring. He is always there to help.
  4. He is serious, focused & DEDICATED to whatever he has made a commitment.
  5. He is a GOOD FATHER, husband, friend & a true partner.

"Jeff was always so good with kids - they love him. He is respectful, patient & ready to have lots of fun . . . he is always

looking for an "excuse" to let his inner kid out! This makes him a great dad. But, he is also a great parent. He jumps right in & takes on his equal share of sleepless nights, diapers, dinners, bath time & clean up." - Krista



We have adopted Jay. Jay was born in the Fall of 2015. We met him an hour after he was born & brought him home from the hospital. We have an open adoption with Jay's birthmom - we admire & love her. Jay has a happy, loving, independent personality & he loves figuring things out. He likes to make people laugh. He has the best smile and a great roar!


WE WILL SHOWER YOUR CHILD WITH ALL OF OUR LOVE, DEVOTION & PROTECTION. We have so many friends & family waiting to share their love; so many little cousins & friends' kids waiting for another playmate. YOUR CHILD WILL BE SURROUNDED BY ENDLESS LOVE! You can be part of our lives and family too - we would like an OPEN ADOPTION.


Thank you for considering our family for your child! We are ready to start a relationship with you. We really hope to hear

from you.



Krista & Jeff



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