Lindsay and Thomas



There you are! We were wondering when you were going to look at our profile. It took a while, but you finally did. We couldn't be happier and more thankful! We'll warn you, while some of this letter may have the same features as other letters and profiles you've seen, this one will be a bit ... different. We like to think of ourselves as creative individuals, and since we haven't spoken to you in person yet, this is the best way we can think of to show you!


So what do you want to know? Well, let's start with the basics. We are Thomas and Lindsay. We're hopelessly in love. We're really and truly each other's best friend. We've been together for five years. We work in the same place, which happens to be where we met. We are both Relationship Managers for a large payment processor. We live in a small community north of Cincinnati in a brick ranch with fenced back yard. We have very friendly neighbors. We have two small dogs, both of whom are rescues (Boots, a black cockapoo, and Chanel, a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix). Thomas has two kids from a previous marriage (Andrew, 13 and Megan, 6). We have them every other weekend. Thomas' family is from Cincinnati, and Lindsay's family is from the same small town we live in now.


Who are we really? Well, that comes down to our stories. Lindsay was born and raised in a rural area about an hour north of Cincinnati. She has always been extremely close to her family. Her mother and father live in the same house she grew up in, and we visit them often. Her older brother, who is an optometrist, lives in a Dayton suburb with his wife, their daughter, and their son. Lindsay has always adored her niece and nephew. Her nephew was adopted from Guatemala when he was 6 months old. Her aunt lived on the same road as she did growing up, and still lives in the area, as does her cousin, whom she was very close with (and still is). They are basically sisters. Lindsay started her college career at Wright State, finished her Associate's degree in Vocal Music Education at Cedarville, and completed her Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership/HR Management at NKU. Thomas was born in Cleveland but moved to Cincinnati within the first six months of his life with his mother. She now lives in Western Ohio with her fiancée and their two dogs. Thomas grew up within walking distance of his grandparents, whom he was very close with. Thomas regarded his grandfather as a father figure until he passed away in 2011. He is still very close with his grandmother. After high school, Thomas joined the US Navy as a Ship's Serviceman on the USS Kitty Hawk. Thomas had his son, Andrew, in 2003 and his daughter, Megan, in 2011. Lindsay and Thomas met at work one day five years ago. Neither really believed much in love at first sight, but that's exactly what happened.


So that is the beginning of our stories, but we definitely want to share more, and we are sincerely hoping you want to hear more!


All about Thomas-by Lindsay!


When Thomas was asked as a child "What do you want to be when you grow up?" by his family, he told them "A daddy!" It's in his heart and soul. Thomas is incredibly intelligent, witty, kind, hilarious and above all, an amazing husband and father. Thomas has the type of old world charm that you don't see any more on the regular. He holds the doors open, holds the highest respect for his elders, and is a gentleman through and through. He is an amazing role model to his children, cousins and our niece and nephew. There isn't a thing he wouldn't do for his family. He is the type of person that you just love to talk to because he will always keep you on your toes. He is a wonderful listener. He loves all things artsy, nerdy, and creative. He is such a wonderful father. He is a firm believer in hugs, kissing boo boos, and tucking in at night. One of the traits that attracted me to Thomas while we were dating was what an amazing father he is. He's very kind, loving, and is always making the kids laugh. I couldn't ask for a better husband, best friend, and father for my bonus-babies, and God willing- the new little joy.


All about Lindsay-by Thomas!


Lindsay was born to be a mom. She has one of the kindest hearts I've ever had the opportunity to witness. Lindsay has a fondness for animals that amazes me, especially since she is allergic to dogs and cats. She cares for our two dogs as though they were children, and will go out of her way to help an animal in need. This level of devotion is reflected in how she cares for our family as well. She puts our family first and serves her loved ones and friends with love and reverence. Lindsay loves to laugh and sing, and has a stylistic eye when it comes to fashion and interior design. She's certainly taught me a thing or two! She has a very special bond with her step-children, particularly Megan, who looks up to Lindsay as her "bonus mom". As a relationship manager, Lindsay has learned to take any problem and look at it from multiple angles. While there is no true training for parenthood, this coupled with her time with her step-children, has taught her a level of patience and understanding that is rare. I cannot wait to watch and help her grow into motherhood!


Our Favorites!


Our favorite thing in the world is spending time together as a family. We love both of our children to the moon, and love to do fun things together. Just a few examples of some of these activities are trips to Kings Island, going to festivals like our local county fair and corn festival (yes…we said corn festival), exploring Cosi in Columbus, the Cincinnati aquarium, playing, hiking, and exploring various parks, swimming at the lake, going to the Air Force Museum, playing games at Dave & Busters, and also love staying in playing board games, video games, and when warmer, having water gun fights! Both Thomas and I love to travel. It is one of the most important things to us. We love to travel with our family. We go on at least two trips every year and normally with different members of our family. We love to visit different cultures and are both extremely adventurous. We both love to spend time with family and friends, whether it be a game night and cookout, or going to different sporting events around the city. We go to Cyclones Hockey, Reds Baseball, and Thomas is looking forward to his very first Bengals game this year. We have gone to Dayton Dragons Games, Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey, and of course attend a ton of family sporting events throughout the year. While Thomas and I love to show our team spirit at sporting events, we also are both very passionate about all things artistic. We both love musicals, the symphony, concerts, ballet, and are huge movie buffs. Thomas actually does a weekly podcast reviewing movies. He has just started to pick up the guitar, while Lindsay plays some piano, and is just starting to teach Megan the basics. We are both active members in our community. Lindsay sings in our community choir with ensemble and solo, as well as volunteers at a group home for homeless, pregnant, single, women. We both volunteer at various animal shelters and are always willing to help our neighbors with projects. Church is also very important to us. Since our stories are a little untraditional and we met as adults, we have yet to find our church home together. Thomas grew up Catholic, and Lindsay grew up Methodist. We have been visiting various churches within the last year and are hoping to find our church home soon! We both love to read, cook, and just spend time together. We are always laughing. Speaking of laughing, we might as well tell you, we are both complete GOOBERS! We love to play games, sing karaoke, and make each other laugh. Thomas loves to read from comic books to the newspaper, to the back of a cereal box. We're serious about that! Lindsay loves to take silly selfies (that no one will ever see) and making people smile, no matter what it takes. She is an expert at silly faces, voices, etc. We also love creating new traditions with our family and friends, while upholding the old ones. Sharing love and laughter with our family and friends is the most important things to us. We cannot wait to share this with a little one.


Us as Parents and Adoption


Adoption has been near and dear to both of our hearts since the very beginning of our relationship. I believe it was only our second date when we discussed adoption! It came up because we were discussing the type of parent Thomas is, and what Lindsay strove to be. We both were on the exact same page.


We want to be rocks for our child. We want them to know stability and feel stability in their home. We want to be loving and compassionate, yet strong enough to provide our children with an upstanding morale compass.


We always knew this is what we wanted to pursue, but due to some fertility trials that our doctor saw possible, we thought we medically needed to try that route first. After countless doses of infertility sadness, we both knew God was telling us to pursue our hopes of adoption. Adoption is nothing new to either of us, or our families. We both have family and friends in our life who have adopted. Lindsay’s nephew Jansen was adopted from Guatemala when he was a baby and the whole family embraced him as nothing less than a blessing. You would never know which child was adopted in the family (with all physical attributes aside.) Love is love.


Now That We're Done Rambling...


Thank you for looking at our profile. We know this is a difficult decision for you and your family and we appreciate being considered. Please know that what is most important to us is the health and happiness of you and your baby. Our prayers are with you, and we are hoping that God guides you wherever will be best for you both. Know that we are so excited to meet you and have so much love in our hearts to provide this little one. The baby will be welcomed with open arms in to both of our families, and is loved so much already. They will be raised knowing God, love, kindness and acceptance. They will grow up in a home that is filled with laughter and warmth. They will grow up surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, nanas, papaws and more. They will be read to every night, and as they get older, will attend an amazing school district. We look forward to a very open relationship with you and can be as flexible as you would like. We can share pictures, phone calls, visits, etc. We are very flexible and want to make sure the baby knows their story and your love.




Thomas and Lindsay


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