Marci and Justin

Dear Birthparent,


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through this letter. We can never fully

understand the depth of your feelings during this time, but you can feel secure in our commitment in the future of our family. We are excited to begin a new chapter in our lives through adoption.


We are high school sweethearts and have been together for over 17 years. Marci was a freshman and Justin was a junior. We celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in May. We have grown up together and have worked hard for the marriage we have today and are each other’s best friends and supporters. We have made plans both individually and as a couple to have the life we have always wanted. This meant nursing school for Marci. She is currently a registered nurse working full-time at a local hospital on the rehabilitation unit. She loves working on the rehab unit and helping her patients to be independent again. She just completed her Master’s degree and is working on starting her career as a nurse practitioner. For Justin, he went to school and currently works for an insurance company in the pharmacy department and works in the home. He is working on his pharmacy tech license.


We bought our first house shortly after we married and continue to make it ours for our family. We have a dog Sparky and cat Patches who we love to spend time with. We enjoy being at home and spending time together. We love to play games, do puzzles, and take Sparky on walks. We are sport enthusiasts. We like to go to the stadiums to watch the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, and Cyclones games. We both love music in general, but have a passion for country and try to go to as many country concerts as we can. We love when we can go out to dinner together.


We spend a lot of time with our extended family through holidays, birthdays, and family dinners. Marci’s side is the bigger of the 2 sides. Marci’s immediate family is her mom and dad, 4 brothers, sister in law, niece and nephew. Justin’s immediate family is his mom, dad, and sister. Justin is our niece Shyla’s Godfather and Marci is our nephew Easton’s Godmother. There are a lot of extended family/friends that we spend time with too. With many grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins we are always doing something with our families. We are proud to be part of our big family. Our family can’t wait for another child in the family to love and spoil.


We have been blessed with a wonderful life and are eager to begin our next chapter as a family of three. We are anxious to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and family dinners with our child. We can’t wait to make adoption special for our child and help our child learn about the special way he/she came into our life. We plan on raising our children in the same

community in which we were raised- a small community/school within a big city. We have strong faith and will raise our children in the Catholic religion. We plan to instill our values of honesty, integrity, and kindness to others in our children. We can’t wait to support our kids in any path they choose in life.


We would like to have an open adoption with you throughout the years. It could be emails, pictures, or visits, but we are flexible in what makes you comfortable.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and are looking forward to meeting you,


Marci and Justin


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