Maria and Daniel



Thank you for reading our story to gain a glimpse of our family. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you. We cannot truly understand everything you are going through, but please know we offer our sincere support and prayers. We are grateful that you have chosen to give your child life. We are humbled by your selfless choice. We admire your courage and thoughtfulness. Wherever your journey leads you, we hope you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means more than words could ever convey.

Meet Daniel (By Maria)

Daniel is an amazing husband and father. He loves to spend time with Natalie. He loves to be the one to give her the last kiss of the night and place her in the crib at night. When he hears her make the slightest peep, he is checking the baby monitor to make sure she is ok. Daniel is laid back, resourceful, helpful and selfless. He will do anything for those he loves without fail or questions. He likes to solve problems and works hard to find a solution. He enjoys spending time with family and friends when having fun or working hard. Dan likes to keep active including working on projects around the house, tinkering with the cars or computers, taking walks or riding bikes, playing piano, or traveling. For now, he now has a little follower. He can't wait for Natalie to be his little helper. One of my favorite things about Dan, is with just a little wink or silly look he can get me and Natalie to smile or laugh.


Daniel's Likes:

  • Fixing computers
  • Playing piano with Natalie
  • Traveling to new places

About Maria (By Daniel)

Maria is an amazing woman and mother. She is the first awake every morning. She wants to make sure Natalie and I are prepared for the day. She loves getting Natalie out of bed, even though it means an early start to the day and changing messy pants. Playing on the floor with baby toys and singing silly songs have become new favorite activities. She is a nurturer by nature. Her maternal instincts are constantly seen in everything she does. She is very passionate about everything she does from helping others, to hosting family gatherings or volunteering at our Church. She puts her whole heart into everything she does (especially caring for Natalie). She is also an amazing baker! Give her a design and she will make it into a fantastic cake! I am looking forward to see our children's birthday cakes!


Maria's Likes:

  • Baking (especially the kids’ birthday cakes)
  • Spending time with Natalie and her nieces and nephews
  • Playing games (board games, cards, videogames)

Meet Natalie (by Daniel and Maria)

Natalie is a very happy and outgoing girl. She loves when her cousins are around. She enjoys the outdoors, her Friday night swim lessons, and smiling at everyone she meets. She makes friends where ever we go. She brightens the world around us with her infectious smile. She will be a wonderful sister!


Celebrate Family

Family and friends are a big part of our lives. Maria is one of ten kids (Yes, 10 kids!!!) and her parents have 20 grandkids (we can't wait to add another). Daniel has 3 brothers, 2 nephews and loads of cousins. For us, blood relation does not

complete our vision of family. We have an amazing group of friends. Some we met as children or during college; others have entered our lives through work and church. Regardless of the length of time, the bonds of these friendships are as

strong as our family bonds. During the rest of the book, whenever we talk of our family, it includes our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and our all our nieces and nephews from family or friends.


We enjoy spending time with our family. At least once a month, we attend Church with Maria's family and breakfast at her parents. Almost weekly, there is a game or movie night, birthday celebration, or a special event to attend for a niece/nephew. Most of our vacations include family. We do anything from weekend camping, to trips to Gatlinburg, Branson, or to the beach, to celebrating a wedding in Washington D.C., to taking a cruise around Alaska or the Bahamas, to experiencing the kids first visit to Disney World (This is Maria's favorite! We are starting to plan Natalie's 1st visit.).


Not all the time spent is fun and games... We often spend time helping family on projects: helping someone move, painting a room (or a WHOLE house), building an addition, building and installing cabinets, re-shingling a roof, or helping with a landscaping project.


Our Home

Welcome to our home... It may look small from the outside, but has plenty of space to host family gatherings for the holidays and other specials occasions. We live on a quiet street with many families with children. Our home sits on a large

yard. We enjoy riding bikes, playing soccer, baseball, and kickball with the nieces and nephews. During the evenings, we like watching the moon rise, finding constellations, and wishing upon the shooting stars. Our favorite way to end a summer day is sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores.


Family History with adoption...

Adoption is not new to our families. We have adopted Natalie. Also, Maria's two oldest brothers and several of Dan's cousins are adopted. It has never mattered how they joined our family, they are family and we love them. We live with the

belief that family is not about blood; it is about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it the most.


Parenting through Foster Care

Before adopting Natalie, we welcomed children into our family through foster care. For about nine months, we were the proud foster parents of three amazing children. We got to experience the joys and heartaches of parenting. We enjoyed the day to day routine of waking them up for school, helping with homework, participating in boy scouts, watching all of them learn how to play the piano and see the little girl twirl in dance class. We grew fond of them and it was difficult to see them leave, but we knew they were going to grandparents that loved them.


Our Promise

We feel that openness in adoption is a great way for our children to understand their background. We will openly talk with them about adoption and their birth-parents. We want our children to understand their story and the love it took for their

birth-parents to choose adoption. We'd love to exchange pictures, emails and letters with you. We are happy to look at having visits together.


Warmest Regards,

Daniel and Maria


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