Marviette and William

Thank you for taking time to get to know us. We truly believe that adoption is a wonderful way to continue to grow our family and we consider ourselves fortunate that you have chosen to view our profile.



We met online in 2009 and a year and some change later we were married on a beach in Mexico. We work because we genuinely like each other and enjoy just being around each other. We are truly best friends.


We really enjoy spending time with family and friends. We enjoy game nights, trips to the zoo, walking in the park, movie nights or just hanging out on our back deck. We also love to travel both domestically and internationally. Our son already has stamps in his passport.


We were both blessed to have great childhoods and we both share the same values and beliefs. We have a strong faith and are active in our church.



William (as described by Marviette) is a native Cincinnatian. He is generous, kind and compassionate. He works hard but also loves to play hard. He has a great sense of humor and keeps me laughing. He LOVES sports especially golf and

basketball. He loves sharing his love of sports with our son Micah. I wish you could see him with our son; he is so attentive and loving. William also has a 14 year old daughter who is a wonderful big sister. She does not live in our home.



Marviette (as described by William) was born at WPAFB, Ohio but spent a great deal of her childhood in Germany. Her father was military so she was able to see a little of the world, which is why she loves to travel. She is a strong, creative, generous and hilarious woman. She instills her love of reading to Micah with nightly animated stories. They also like to sing together and create their own stories to act out. I also feel the need to mention that she is an excellent cook. Her mac n cheese is amazing!! She is always in the kitchen trying new recipes for different meals and sweets.


Our Son

When we were dating, we talked about the possibility of adoption. Once married, we decided we wanted to add to our

family through adoption. In 2013, we were fortunate to adopt our son Micah. He is the light of our life. We have so much fun watching him figure out the world around him. He is caring, friendly and smart as a whip. Practically a genius…but we could be bias  J


We have a level of openness with Micah’s birthmother that we all agreed to and still maintain. We would happily continue this with you.


William works in transportation management and Marviette works in human resources. We are financially stable.


Our Home

Our home is warm, inviting and filled with music, learning and laughter. Marviette is a big music fan and fills our home with all types of music. Learning is a priority and our home is a place for our children to expand their minds. We believe children should be exposed to different activities—music, art, dance, sports, group activities, etc.


We also have a terrier named Fiona who makes a wonderful playmate. Our house has a large back yard and there are a lot of children on our street. In fact, on our street, there are three other families who have adopted children. There are playgrounds and parks near by. We are also in an excellent school district.


Our families are extremely important to us. Marviette’s parents have been married for over 45 years. She and her parents are extremely close and they are regulars in our home. William’s parents live in Florida and we see them once a year.


Addition to our Family

Our family has grown once through adoption. It was such a blessing to us and we now know that we have even more love

to give. Micah is ready to be a big brother.


We understand that this profile cannot completely share every detail about us but please believe that we can provide

all the love and support that a child would need to flourish. Once again thank you for viewing our profile and considering us.


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