Molly and David


Thank you for making the brave choice to place with an adopting family and for taking

the time to learn about us! We met in 2007 and quickly discovered how perfect we were for one another. We found that even though we both came from somewhat different backgrounds, we used those differences to find a deep love and respect for each other. Our

commitment quickly grew, and in 2009 we were delighted to stand before our family and dearest friends to be married on a beautiful summer afternoon. We live on a welcoming street in the heart of greater Cincinnati. Our house is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, where neighbors gather frequently to play and enjoy the warmer days. We share our home with our 3 friendly cats, who seem to think they are the real home owners. We have lots of room for a little one to come and share our lives, and are excited to watch our home grow fuller.



Discovering our compatibility has been one of the best parts of our life together. Happiness and humor are very important to us - not a day goes by when we don’t try to make the other smile as much as possible. Jokes, songs, and silly voices

are a regular part of life with us. Friends have noted that we sometimes even seem to speak in our own language!


We love sharing traditions. Holidays are a big deal in our home, which is filled with lots of decorations for both Christmas and Halloween. Christmas is our favorite time of year. We fill every weekend with activities that help us celebrate the holiday season. During Easter, we have fun making each other Easter baskets and enjoy baking tasty desserts for family dinners. On Thanksgiving, we love to watch the Macy’s parade and pour over just the right Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. The Friday after Thanksgiving is spent finding the perfect Christmas tree (Dave’s favorite day of the year!) We’re so eager to share these traditions with our child, and to create many, many more.


We enjoy spending time exploring the city we love, both together and with our families and friends. We enjoy museums, performing arts, discovering new restaurants, and lots of special events or festivals (We never miss Summerfair at Coney Island!). We share a deep love of travel, whether vacations or long weekends, and especially enjoy visiting the friends and

family members that live in other parts of the country. We love traveling to the beach in summer and finding special places to visit at Christmas time. One of our regular travel activities is a family reunion we take every other year. This is a special time with three generations of family spent telling stories, playing games, and cooking excellent meals together. We cherish the times that we get to reunite with those who live so far away. We can’t wait for the day to bring our own child to these reunions, and to bring them the gift of the support, love, and closeness we already treasure.



Dave loves to cook, create, and learn. He can’t wait to have a hobby-helper, and looks forward to the day he can teach our little one things like cooking, photography, music, and to share his passion of all things learning-related. Music and other types of creativity are large parts of his life. Dave plays several instruments, enjoys reading & writing, and has a love for photography and graphic design. He uses these hobbies to bring positivity to those around him, be it an afternoon spent

playing & taking pictures with our niece & nephew, designing wedding invitations for friends, or bringing smiles by capturing perfect memory moments. Thanks to Dave, our Christmas cards are always unique (and hilarious)! He’s a lover of all things science-related and is right at home at a museum or library.



Molly has found a fulfilling life path working as a special education teacher. She’s dedicated her career to supporting children who have large hurdles to overcome. She loves helping children with special needs to see the good in themselves, and helps them find pathways to a fulfilling future. She values helping her students find their strengths so they can learn, communicate, and find a place to belong in the community. In turn, Molly has a great joy of teaching children of all abilities and looks forward to showing our child the unique value and importance of every type of person. Molly also enjoys cooking and entertaining. A perfect night for her is creating a great meal, a welcoming environment, and a warm home for friends and family to visit. These evenings are filled with lots of fun games, conversation, and laughter.


It’s a Living...

We have been lucky to gain wisdom and life skills from positive college experiences which have led us to satisfying careers. Dave followed in his father’s footsteps and works in the printing industry, where he can utilize his creativity and organization skills. He has found a supportive network within his company. Molly has the added benefit of being able to work school hours. During the school year our child will spend fun days with their grandparents or Aunt & Uncle. During summer, Molly looks forward to spending days at the pool, playtime at the park, and enjoying a day trip to the zoo or the aquarium with our child.



We both value education very much. Dave’s father, Molly’s mother and father (and Molly herself, of course) were all teachers. We share a love of knowledge and encourage creative learning & the discovery of the world around us. We are

eager to help our child learn to find appreciation and respect for a wide variety of subjects. We are great lovers of reading for pleasure and knowledge. Books will be a big part of our child’s life and we’re excited to read them everything from Dr. Seuss to Harry Potter.


Family is an essential part of our lives. We are lucky to have parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins that live in the greater Cincinnati area. We make a point to see our families on a regular basis during family dinners, get-togethers, or outings around the city. It is important to us that our child experiences the support and love of a close knit extended family.


Hard work is also important to us. Our families taught us the value of perseverance and the need to respect the importance of every job. We both see the value of finding self-encouragement through a job well done. We’re excited to encourage our child to set goals and to help them work hard towards attaining those goals.


Above all we value the honor of trying to be a good person. We encourage and strive for qualities like patience, unconditional acceptance, having a kind heart, and respecting every human being, regardless of background or belief.


Building our Family...

We decided early on that the qualities we most loved about each other made us a great team. It was easy to understand that having children was the next step in our team’s development. We quickly began trying to build our family, eventually moving to fertility treatments. Sadly, that path wasn’t meant to be and we chose to embrace adoption, something we were already familiar with: Dave is an adoptee himself. He looks forward to having that very special connection to share with our child. This is a unique trait that we can’t wait to celebrate!


Like lots of adoptions years ago, Dave’s experience didn't have the benefit of openness that so many have today. As such, we very much want to give our child an open adoption experience and look forward to working with you to bring that

about in a caring and positive manner. We like the idea of shared stories, photos, letters, and visits. Adoption will be spoken of with reverence and joy in our home and we will make sure it becomes a quality of strength in our child’s development.


We can only imagine that making an adoption plan is a difficult decision for any expectant parent. We’re honored that you chose to take the time to read & consider our profile. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.


Molly & David


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