Lauren and Jason

Dear Birth Mother:


The words “thank you” seem much too simple to express the depth of our gratefulness to you. We are grateful that you love your baby so unselfishly that you are willing to consider adoption. As parents, we know that is a true example of putting your child first and cannot imagine how hard this must be for you. Again, thank you for letting us tell you a little bit about our family.


We are Lauren, Jason, Ace and Adalynne-Grace. We’ve been married nine years now with four-year old twins. We live in a safe, older neighborhood close to the kids’ school. Jason works in medical sales and I work in the TV advertising business. Daily life with our twins includes swimming in the backyard, riding bikes, and playing in the park. We live a very fun life and

are a bit obsessed with Disney and traveling to see that mouse! We do feel that something is missing though and for the last two years now we’ve tried to bring another child into the family. The twins ask on a daily basis when their baby is coming!


We dealt with fertility issues with the twins and now these last two years going through it again has been draining both emotionally and financially. However, we’ve realized through this that God has a greater plan. We had always thought about adoption especially Jason as a family was something Jason desperately wanted as a child. He grew up at the Campbell County Boy’s Home, essentially an orphan after the age of 13. He and I always dreamed of a big family,

something Jason has never known, and something I have always wanted to give him.


We won’t write a novel here as this is just meant to be a brief glimpse into our family. Please know we will spoil this baby with more love and kisses than we can put words. This little angel will have a big brother and sister that will adore him or her. This child will never be treated any differently as “he or she came from my heart rather than my than stomach.” That is how I’ve been explaining adoption to the twins.


Please know we will always be open, accepting, and nurturing in raising all of our children. We were not raised to see any difference in race and welcome diversity. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and know that we would be beyond thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to meet you.



Hugs and Kisses,


Lauren, Jason, Ace and Adaylnne-Grace


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