Greetings! And thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I’ll share with you some general information about me and my family, my interests and hobbies, as well as some photos since pictures speak a thousand words!


I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster that you’re on as you make a decision that is best for you and for your baby. Let me help you understand me.


My Family

I come from a small immediate family, two parents and one older brother. We grew up in a suburb of a large Ohio town with plenty of trips to visit family. My maternal grandparents lived close by so we often saw them during the week or having Sunday dinner after church. My mom’s sister’s family lived on the east coast so at holiday’s we would often travel to see them. My father’s parents and siblings lived in Germany so I didn’t get to see or interact with them much. My father and grandparents are deceased but I still hold tight to the memories. My older brother lives with his family in California. I love to spend time with them and play with my young nephew—so much fun! My family may be small but I count all my friends as my family as well. I have a close circle of friends, living near and far, but always close to my heart.


My Interests, Values and Traditions

I am a single woman who has had a passion for helping others since I was a child. Playing house and teacher, babysitting, and now being a counselor are just some of the ways that I have practiced this value. I was fortunate to grow up in a home where both parents were involved and active in my life. Sure we had rules and like most kids I tested those rules. But my parents were consistent in providing firm guidance and discipline when appropriate. I was raised in a Christian home that practiced the love of Christ daily; through regular church attendance, daily devotions at dinner, and vacation bible school during summer. I strive to carry on the same values in which I was raised; honesty, fairness, caring, discipline and faith.


Holidays are a time for tradition. Being that most of my family is spread out across the country, for almost the last decade my parents and I spent many holidays, like Mothers Day and Easter, with my best friends family. It’s a wonderful time spent with friends and we call or Skype with the relatives later in the day. One thing that always has to be at a holiday meal is stuffed celery, certainly a family tradition!


My parents kept me active in sports as a child as well as playing with neighborhood kids. Socializing and learning to work as a team are important skills that each child needs to have. My mother and I both love to cook; she taught me to be brave when cooking. I love to experiment with flavors and foods and now when I read a recipe in a magazine or online I can almost taste it! As a child my father and I would go on bike rides or I’d help him work in the yard. To this day I am a

do-it-yourself kind of person! I’d enjoy hearing about traditions in your family that may be passed onto our family.


My Home and Neighborhood

My home is a warm and friendly place, a place where everyone is welcome to come for a moment or a meal! My home has some hustle and bustle already with two active Siamese-mixed cats, named Magnolia and Myrtle. Both were adopted from a local animal shelter. They enjoy sitting in the windows watching the birds or lounging on the couch in the sunshine. I love to work out in the yard planting flowers and tending to the herb garden (to help flavor my cooking!); I must admit that I’m not always fond of mowing the grass! The backyard is large enough for the imagination of a child to run wild! The

neighborhood is bustling but small-town in feel. There are several hometown events and eateries that I enjoy attending during the summer months. I live within 20 minutes of many great activities, like the zoo, museums, aquariums, nature preserves and parks.


My View on Adoption

I believe that at the moment of conception, there is life. God creates a beautiful and wondrous event each time a baby

grows in a woman’s belly. Some individuals are blessed with conceiving their own children, and others can give the gift of family to those that are searching for it. I know in my heart that I was created for greater purposes than just me. Raising a child would fulfill my heart’s desire and provide you with the knowledge that your child is being cared for in a loving home. Meeting before, during and after the birth of the child is something that I am most certainly agreeable to doing. I believe that it’s important for you to have reassurances and confidence in choosing me as you’re the parent of your child,

both now and as the child grows up. I would be honored to care for your child, teaching him/her all the wonders of God’s creation.



Learning, Family and Faith are three areas that I am strongly committed to in my home. I love to read and learn and believe that there is something to learn each day whether through schoolbooks or through experimentation. I look forward to spending time with whoever is considered family. A family’s love is given freely; and that’s what I hope to do through

adoption. Lastly my faith is the foundation of who I am and how I live my life. I will continually strive to raise a child with the same demonstration of faith. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. Please know that I would accept an open adoption and will be flexible in what that entails. Adoption is a responsibility that I am willing to accept and a privilege that I will treasure.


With appreciation,



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